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Am I eligible to apply?



If your business has a presence in the West of England - defined as Bristol, Bath and North-East Somerset, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire - and you would like to grow your business - you can apply to attend our workshops.  


S4G is aimed at small or medium sized enterprises (SMEs), and uses the European Commission's SME definition which takes into account staff numbers, turnover and relationships with other enterprises.


Grant Funding


The grant scheme is aimed at SMEs in the West of England LEP region who can demonstrate ‘high growth potential’: the potential to generate growth in job creation or turnover in order to achieve their growth ambitions. This includes support for pre-start-ups, start-ups, micro enterprises, social enterprises and sole traders as well as established companies. We use the EU SME definition, which takes into account headcount and turnover, but also relationships with other enterprises.


You will need to consider whether your enterprise is autonomous – by far the most common category – a partner enterprise, or a linked enterprise. To do this, you must take account of any legal relationships you have with other enterprises. Depending on the category in which your enterprise fits you may then need to add some, or all, of the headcount, turnover or balance sheet data from those enterprises to your own. (For example, if an individual owns over 25% of the business, and also has similar or higher level of ownership of other businesses,

the other businesses may be considered ‘linked’.)


Please note that your project, if supported, must be completed by December 2020.


Further details can be found in the Guidance for Applicants document (PDF).